The Effluent Treatment plant or Sewage Treatment Plant once constructed/established need to have operation & maintenance through qualified & experience persons to serve efficient & effective operation of ETP/STP, qualified operator & supervisor are being provided by Perfect Pollution Services who maintains all the records of the operation and attends the day to day trouble shooting.

•Various unit operations and processes (Separation by Screening, sedimentation , filtration, Neutralisation, coagulation, Flocculation, Absorption, Adsorption, Chemical Reaction, Oxidation/Reduction, Dissolution, Ion exchange, Chlorination)

•Operation of Units such as Screens (Coarse / Fine Bar screens, Manual/ Mechanically operated), Sumps and Pumping Stations including Pumps, Motors and Panels (Centrifugal Horizontal / Vertical Turbine), Valves(Sluice gates, Non return, Reflux), Pipes/Specials and Pipe Joints, Grit Removal Units. Primary Sedimentation / Settling tanks, Scraping Mechanisms, Sludge withdrawal, Sludge Sumps, Sludge Pumps, Aeration tanks and Aerators, Secondary Settling Tanks, Secondary Sludge Sumps, Pumps, Sludge Thickeners, Sludge Digesters, Gas Production, Sludge handling and Drying.

•Maintenance of Pumps and Motors, Electrical Panels (Starters, Meter, (Energy, Voltage, Amperage, Power factor), Blow out Fuses, Valves, Gates, Scraping Bridge Trolley, Aerators, Reduction Gears, Open Air Weather Casings for Motors, Sprocket wheels and Chains for Mechanical Grit and Screen removing devices.

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