Solar power is pollution free and causes no greenhouse gases to be emitted after installation.

Reduced dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.Renewable clean power that is available every day of the year, even cloudy days produce some power.

Return on investment unlike paying for utility bills.Virtually no maintenance as solar panels last over 30 years.

Creates jobs by employing solar panel manufacturers, solar installers, etc. and in turn helps the economy.

Excess power can be sold back to the power company if grid intertied.

Ability to live grid free if all power generated provides enough for the home / building..

Can be installed virtually anywhere; in a field to on a building.

Use batteries to store extra power for use at night.Solar can be used to heat water, power homes and building, even power cars.

Safer than traditional electric current.Efficiency is always improving so the same size solar that is available today will become more efficient tomorrow.

Aesthetics are improving making the solar more versatile compared to older models; i.e. printing, flexible, solar shingles, etc.

Federal grants, tax incentives, and rebate programs are available to help with initial costs.

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