50 KLD STP Plant at Sobha VERDURE, Coimbatore

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Our latest project: a cutting-edge 50 KLD STP Plant at Sobha VERDURE, Coimbatore. This venture marks a significant step towards sustainable development and responsible water management in the region.

Sobha VERDURE is an esteemed residential community located in the heart of Coimbatore. As a socially-conscious organization, Sobha Group is keen on adopting eco-friendly solutions, and our partnership with them exemplifies their dedication to environmental sustainability.

The primary goal of this project is to design, construct, and commission a 50 KLD (Kilo Litres Per Day) Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Sobha VERDURE. This advanced treatment facility aims to treat wastewater effectively, ensuring that it complies with the highest environmental standards and can be safely reused for non-potable applications, reducing strain on freshwater resources.